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Game News

Welcome to GoDHanD embrace these 3 simple rules and you will survive the many gruesome battles to come.

  1. Lust for war
  2. Lust for blood
  3. Lust for battle
If your thinking of joining head over to the forum to seek directions for joining the guild. may neha bring you her blessing.

Guild News

Cartel: 0 Godhand :2. this just proves it, Cartel only has numbers.

Exiis, Aug 19, 10 4:51 PM.
its rili funny when you see a group of cowards act tough when they gang on people. But when you stand up against them on even footing their as useful as ashley simpsons career. EL OH EL (oh V E) get it? ahaha. then to top if off, it was 5 v 3 and they STILL lost. point proven cartel:nabs in numbers

First tournament, Ayumi leader of godhand wins the tournament.

Exiis, Aug 17, 10 7:04 PM.
its Really daunting that the enemies were far superior level wise, but thats no problem Ayumi says, "I'll just take my skills to the next lvl and watch them eat dust" and that was what his opponents got, was dust after all these fancy kiting ayumi showed us. I hope to see more of you participate and make Godhand Proud.

Godhand VS HeRo

Exiis, Aug 17, 10 4:17 AM.

War on CARTEL rages on. Pick up your weapons and advance!! we WILL gain victory.

Exiis, Aug 17, 10 2:55 AM.
hey guys, just a heads up on the war on cartel, alot of their members are begging for war to stop. DONT STOP! lols, give to them they start war we finish it :P. keep your head up. see you in the battle field.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Exiis, Aug 17, 10 2:22 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Godhand has a limited space left for players. We are currently recruiting 35+. If you qualify head on over to the forums. CHEERS
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